High Roller Program

The Millionaire Casino Flash Casino High Roller program ensures everyone receives ample bonuses. You earn points for every $10 you play on your favorite online casino games, including blackjack, slots, table games and video poker. The more you play, the larger your VIP account grows.

Understanding the Levels in the Millionaire Casino Flash Casino High Roller Program

There are six levels of VIP rewards with the Millionaire Casino High Roller program. Along the way, you earn reward points for playing your favorite Millionaire Casino online slots and casino games.

All new Millionaire Casino online players start at the amber level. You earn a set amount of points for every $10 played. If you spend $10 playing slots, you'll earn 16 VIP points. Other points earned include: 5 for blackjack, 20 for specialty games, 8 for table games and 7 for video poker. Once you've earned 10,000 points, you reach the next level.

For the bronze level, points increase to 6 for blackjack, 18 for slots, 22 for specialty games, 9 for table games and 8 for video poker. At 25,000 you increase to silver.

The silver level lasts until you reach 75,000 points. You'll earn 7 points playing blackjack, 20 for slots, 25 for specialty games, 10 for table games and 9 points for video poker.

Gold level earnings are 8 points playing blackjack, 23 for slots, 29 for specialty games, 12 for table games and 10 points for video poker. You'll increase a level when you reach 225,000 points.

Platinum levels provide you with 9 points playing blackjack, 26 for slots, 33 for specialty games, 13 for table games and 12 points for video poker.

Reach the final level, diamond, when you reach 500,000 playing points. With diamond, you earn 10 points playing blackjack, 30 for slots, 38 for specialty games, 15 for table games and 13 points for video poker.

Using Your Millionaire Casino VIP Reward Points

Your Millionaire Casino Flash Casino reward points balance updates daily at 6:00 a.m. EST. You can trade in the points for exciting merchandise or cash rewards.

Every 2,000 in online casino reward points is good for $2. If you have 200,000 in your reward points account, you can cash it in for $100. The cash is deposited to your account within ten minutes.

If you prefer to enter sweepstakes, Millionaire Casino's VIP plan allows you to do so. Sweepstakes vary from month to money but often include things like winning a professional quality espresso/cappuccino machine or larger cash prizes.

Millionaire Casino Flash Casino High Roller program members can also trade in VIP points for merchandise. Get t-shirts, beach chairs, Amazon gift certificates, iPods and more. Merchandise usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

The more you play at Millionaire Casino Flash Casino, the more you stand to win. With both generous casino game prizes and a lucrative VIP reward system, don't miss out on the fun.